Trail West Village History

Trail West Lodge and Trail West Village were part of the dream of Jim Rayburn, founder of Young Life. Rayburn had a vision for Young Life’s “Guest Ranch” which would become Trail West Lodge, as we know it today. On April 4, 1959, Young Life purchased a 640-acre ranch, west of Buena Vista, for the price of $38,500. Rancho Caballo became home for the herd of 120 horses being used at the Young Life camps, nearby. In 1960, Young Life allowed friends of Young Life the opportunity to contribute $1,500 towards the building of Trail West Lodge and for $100 they could purchase a plot of land in a planned community adjacent to Trail West Lodge, thus becoming Trail West Village. In 1963 the first chalets began construction and by 1970 109 plots had been sold with 26 chalets built. Today there are over 108 homes with more being built. Trail West Village is truly a special place.

Trail West Association Office:
18300 Rio Hondo Drive
Buena Vista, CO 81211
Phone: 719-395-8321